Health is primary.

You cannot expect to improve your physique, strength or fitness unless you start to improve your health.  So, above all else, this is what we focus on; getting you healthy. With that comes abs, bigger muscles, more tone, an impressive squat, a better 10k time…

Use What Works.

We believe in using what works. It does not matter if it is a new concept or an old principle. If it works, it works.  There is no right or wrong, but there is ‘better or best’.

No Ego.

Everyone is equal. Everyone works hard. No one is judged. There is no ego, no intimidation.


We believe in educating our clients so they can fend for themselves so do to this, we educate ourselves, constantly.  Education is an on-going process, which we believe never ends.

Why Would You Use A Coach/Trainer?

Every top professional in their field uses a coach / trainer / mentor. Every top athlete has a trainer, every top business person has a financial coach or a team of people to help them... so why wouldn't you? And all these people who are the top 5% in the world are in that position BECAUSE they have help... "Teamwork makes the Dream work"

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Do You Feel Ready?

I’ll tell you… no, no you don’t. And here’s the thing, you never actually will. Our brain is designed to see anything outside of our comfort zone as a threat, so it magnifies the ‘problem’ so you do not hurt yourself. Our brain has one primary function… survival. So if it thinks that by hearing ‘no’, or changing your job or improving your health or by going to the gym is out of your comfort zone and therefore a threat, it will protect you by making you over think the situation.

Of coure improving your health and fitness is a good thing… there is no threat there… but maybe it will be too difficult or too embarrassing…

Feeling nervous or feeling scared or that you are not good enough are all perfectly normal and natural thoughts which we ALL have… but letting those feeling STOP you is a choice… it’s a decision which your life is moulded by.

So… do you feel ready? No… and that’s fine… but don’t let that push you into making a poor decision…