Balancing Act – Part One

As the summer months are on the horizon, the days are longer and (hopefully) the weather is better, more and more people will start turning to some form of exercise to look and feel better.  Although numerous people will embark on the fat loss mission, too many will forget to actually use their muscles to achieve both a better physique and better health.  In this two part article I will talk about why finding the right balance between the two is important.

Fat Loss

Reducing our body fat is massively important, not just in terms of physique but even more significantly for improving our health.  Fat cells store toxins in the body so the more toxins we store, the bigger our fat cells become.  Reducing our body fat would therefore imply that we have fewer toxins and are in a more healthy state.

I am aware that being ‘thin’ or not ‘over weight’ does not necessarily imply that we are healthy but on the other hand if we carry excessive body fat our body cannot be in a healthy environment.

Keeping our bodies in a healthy state is a two pronged approach.  We must not only be in a position to be able to flush out all the toxins we absorb but we must also be aware of how they enter our bodies in the first place.


Improving our nutrition is the most effective way of improving our health for both the short term and more importantly the long term.  Making sure we drink lots of water, eat plenty of protein, a large amount of vegetables and consume a minimal intake of ‘empty calories’ via sugary drinks, convenience foods and snacks will result in the best overall positive changes.

By eating in this way we are giving ourselves not only the best chance at detoxing any foreign bodies we have in our system but also building up the strength of our immune system to ward off any bacteria trying to enter.  If you want a good physique and a healthy mind and body, nutrition is one of the most important aspects to deal with.


We must also be aware that we live in the most polluted environment to date in terms of the chemicals in our food, drinks, cosmetics, household cleaning products and the very air which we breathe.  Removing as many of these from our daily lives as we can is our best chance at staying healthy.

Look for any chemicals which end in ‘paraben’ in any cleaning or cosmetic product you use, which includes shampoos, shaving products or shower gels.  Also, avoid using most kinds of plug in or spray air fresheners both in the home and in your car for the same reasons.

Buying locally grown fruit and vegetables, which should therefore also be in season, will hopefully not only reduce your intake of sprayed chemicals but will also help a local company stay in business.

Without our health, we die. It really is that simple. Do everything in your power to keep yourself and the loved ones around you healthy.  Next month, I will talk about why looking after your muscles is equally important.