Boost Your Energy

In more ways than one we are in an energy crisis in this country.  I often hear potential clients talk about wanting more energy or reclaiming that vitality they once had.  And this does not just affect people who would be categorised as ‘unhealthy’.  Tiredness can affect everyone, so this month I will talk about a few of the common ways to regain our energy and reduce the habits which cause this national fatigue in the first place.

Reduce Sugar

Too many people simply consume too much sugar.  This does not mean that we should never eat sugar ever again, but reducing our intake can have a major positive impact on our health.  In terms of energy, although sugar might pick us up, it will inevitably bring our short lived high crashing back down. And so the evil cycle of sugar consumption begins.

Reducing the amount of sugar we consume will not only lessen the cravings we have for other sweetened drinks and snacks but it will also  allow us to start tasting our food, meaning we become more aware of foods and drinks which are sweetened in the first place.


To quote Thomas Dekker, “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”. It sounds far too simple to be legitimate, but sleep is probably number one on the list of activities to improve health, fitness, physique, boosting energy and even improving our mental outlook on life.  Sleep deprivation is a form of torture in some countries and you can understand why.  After a few sleepless nights, any small incident can become a major task to overcome.

Some simple tips to improve sleep quality are to darken your room as much as possible, remove all electronic equipment from your room, avoid the use of screens an hour before going to bed and write down anything which you need to do the next day so that it doesn’t bother you at night.


This does not just mean physically active as studies have shown that keeping yourself mentally active is a great way to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Learning a new physical task such as a musical instrument, building or creating something or drawing and painting, for example, are great ways to keep your brain active.

Keeping physically active also has its twists.  Simply doing the same movements over and over again is not sufficient enough.  We must keep learning different movement patterns, using a different resistance or changing the speed of the activity.

Keeping active, both physically and mentally, is a great way to improve our sleep quality and as previously mentioned, improving sleep quality will lead to us having more energy throughout the day.

Fix The Problem

Ultimately our main goal is to fix the problem.  A lack of energy could be due to insufficient nutrients, such as B vitamins, too many energy-zapping toxins from sprayed foods and households products or that we surround ourselves with negative people and media. 

Reducing our overall stress in life is a major objective for increasing our energy. Work on one thing at a time and see how your energy starts to creep back up and start to enjoy that new found vitality!