Be UNrealistic

It is very common in the health and fitness industry to hear about ‘goal setting’ and more often than not you will also hear in the same sentence, “set realistic goals”.  As much as this has its place, it can also lead mediocracy. So this month I will talk about something slightly more unorthodox; setting unrealistic goals.

Being Realistic

Setting realistic goals ends in realistic results. This may be a good thing as you have improved yourself, but have you ever thought that maybe you could have improved or advanced yourself even more than you did?

Our ‘realism’ is based on our history of past events and how we have (or have not) succeeded prior to this goal setting moment.  If you have had a history of failures, it becomes very tough to set a goal which is extraordinary.  You assume you are not going to do very well so you set a goal which is actually quite easy to achieve.  You then have to keep setting goals, or get stuck in the cycle of not moving forward very quickly.

Being Unrealistic

Setting an ‘unrealistic’ goal gives you a whole new approach – you are forced to ‘think outside the box’ because, ‘how on earth are you going to achieve this!?’  You start to become more creative and, more importantly, more resourceful about your approach to achieving this goal.

Most of the things humans have achieved so far in this world were once deemed ‘impossible’ or to use another word, ‘unrealistic’.  Some of these things are now part of everyday life.  Only 40 years ago mobile phones were a thing of science fiction, yet now children as young as 10 years old have them.  ‘But the technology has changed’ I hear you say and indeed it has. But who changed that technology? We have not relied on the discovery of natural products to advance technology; we have relied on the brain power of a few to say ‘what if?’


It is my opinion that too many of us set ‘unintelligent realistic’ goals.  As I mentioned previously, this can be a good thing because we are still improving ourselves, which is the main aim.  However, what if we set ourselves ‘intelligent unrealistic’ goals. So we set a goal which, by concept alone, appears highly improbable yet we then go about structuring our path in an intelligent manner.  Laying out everything we need to do, when we need to do it by and how we need to go about getting it done.

You cannot become a Hollywood movie star unless you go for an audition somewhere, for something. You may also need acting lessons. You may need to make contact with certain people. You may need to move to another city so you can go to casting sessions at shorter notice. You may need to sell a few things to fund the cost of going to said auditions. Becoming a movie star may sound like an unrealistic goal, but with an intelligent path laid out, it may become your everyday life.

Do not be afraid to set unrealistic goals; they are only unrealistic if you do not have a realistic plan to achieve them!