Solo Vs Team

Many people love to train alone. They find solitude in going through their bouts of suffering by themselves. Meanwhile, many others do not even consider going to the gym or heading out for a run without a training partner. They are their motivation, their inspiration, their driving force. So what is the best option, solo or part of a team? This month I will discuss the pros and the cons to both.


Training alone has many advantages. You can go to the gym at whatever time you wish, you can change your training goal whenever you like and you can push yourself as much as you feel necessary.  This gives you great freedom to fit in your health and fitness goals around your lifestyle, which is very important when seeking real results.

However, the flip side to this is that you have to be very dedicated. When there is no-one to answer to, it becomes very easy to miss a session, convince yourself that your goal has changed simply because you are finding things difficult and quitting too early in your workout.  Many clients of Satori Health feel that the process of booking in sessions and having a coach to be responsible to plays a huge role in them achieving their health and fitness goals.


A team can of course simply mean a training partner.  Training with someone else also has multiple benefits; they can motivate you to work out when you feel like you do not have the energy or drive that day.  If you are weight lifting, a partner can check your technique; act as a spotter (someone who helps for those last few difficult reps which you could not manage by yourself) or help with training methods such as drops sets or forced reps which can be tricky if you are alone.

Training with one or more people can provide friendly competition to help push you that little bit further, to beat your last time or hit that extra rep. You can bounce training ideas back and forth and create new and exciting workouts which can help you stay motivated.

However, if you are training with a partner, ideally they should be in a similar position as you, want the same goal and be of relatively equal mind-set and capability. This is where many training partnerships do not work as people are after a different outcome or one is often carrying the other.

Here at Satori Health the 1-2-1 sessions and Bootcamp have their advantages.  Obviously with the private sessions you can train alone (with a coach) or you can train with a partner or in small groups, but again there must be some similarities.  Bootcamp is a group training class but without the added pressure of being watched by others or having your scores recorded.

There is no right or wrong as to how or who you should train with. But there is always the right attitude and effort which should be displayed!