Something From Nothing

We are all guilty of looking at someone who is better than ourselves and thinking that they achieved what they did by being lucky, having a wealthy family or that they had some other abnormally fortunate start to life.  Unfortunately, when we start to realise the truth, that they worked incredibly hard to achieve what they did, we are sometimes guilty of dismissing this fact as not possible.  So this month I will discuss the idea of ‘what is your potential?’


One thing I try to help clients with is mind-set.  It is virtually impossible to achieve a high level of anything with a negative outlook on life or to certain tasks.  There is, however, a difference between positive affirmations and a positive attitude.

It is very easy to say affirmations over and over again but not follow them up with action, whereas having a positive attitude tends to lead to acting in a positive manner.  And as I am sure everyone is aware, it is action and action alone which creates results.

Hippy Voodoo Magic

One thing which has occurred to me in recent years is that although numerous people will see ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ as somewhat ‘hippy-ish’, those who do believe it works tend to be in a better position physically, financially and in practically every other area of life.  And I am yet to see someone who is usually negative or in disbelief of most things excelling in any area of their lives.  Surely this anomaly in itself is grounds to start thinking in a more positive manner!?

What Is Your Focus?

Of course, being positive does not guarantee huge success in every area of life because you will only excel in areas where you put your focus.  It is also true for the opposite. If you focus on negative things like injuries, lack of finances or negative behaviour in others, we tend to draw in that same negativity.  For example, simply thinking about an aliment and the side effects it causes can manifest physically in the body.

What Is Your Potential?

Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.”  Your potential is whatever you perceive it to be and this is most relevant with health and fitness. A huge number of people embark on a health or fitness transformation without fully believing they can actually achieve it.

I have seen this numerous times with clients but as the results start to come, so their belief that they can achieve their goal increases.  With this increased belief comes greater effort and that definitely improves their chances of success.

Having 100% belief that you can achieve your goal is a definite way of reaching your potential. And if you do not reach it, surely you will be in a better position than when you started… Positive thinking is a win-win situation to creating something from nothing so embrace it!