Here at Satori Health, we don’t want you to just lose a few pounds.  
We work with you to change the way you see your mind and body and the fuel you give them.

We offer a 105% money back guarantee... how's that for confidence in results?! 

What a transformation! Not just weight loss, improved fitness & clothes that now fit!.... But I have also found a new lifestyle that motivates me and keeps me focused, not just on health but work and my personal life. Time to live life to the full!!!
— Sean McAuley
As a person new to fitness training I have found the one to one personalised tuition invaluable in teaching me how to understand the excersizes and do each one properly. I am now experiencing the benefits.

This training is for anyone who finds themselves in a body that they no longer recognise as the body they used to have, and has helped me get back in touch with myself.

On the nutritional side I have reappraised what I have been eating and why and I feel that the changes I have made will be long lasting.

Starting a Satori Health fitness course is to embark upon a journey - the only limits to which are those you place there yourself.”
— Joy is a 55 year old who had never stepped foot inside a gym before, let alone tried 1-2-1 coaching
You just have to do it to believe it. Brilliant. Supportive. Informative. Knowledgeable. Dedicated. Thanks Chris 5 stars *****
— Kelly
Hi Chris, just a quick thank you. Not feeling bloated or lethagic towards tea time.... sleeping well, waking up earlier.
— Leanne
“Morning mate,

Thought I’d share this with you. I’m over the frickin moon! Finally managed to put this t shirt on after a year and a half (and I can take the tags off!!!) I knew it would fit one day but it’s all thanks to you!”
— Sean M
One week left to the end of body transformation with Chris...Motivated,energy increased,sleeping well in size 8 jeans ...not 12 ....but better still ....back to being me ..will be continuing with Chris tried the rest ....but this is defo ....the best results on every level ....Cheers ...thank you Chris ..
— Elaine Clark
After somehow graduating from fat man to marathon runner I started having pains in my hips. Chris observed me running and walking and gave me some stretches and exercises to do and the pain was gone within a few weeks! I’ve also sampled his 1 to 1 Tabata sessions and endured Boot Camp and can honestly say both are brilliant, they have given me a new insight into getting the most out of a workout without taking hours over it. Even though I have known Chris for years he doesn’t shy away from telling me the hard truths and pushing me further than I would ever push myself while training alone. I would recommend his sessions to anyone looking to improve their fitness and just feel better all round.
— David Burkitt
You just have to do it to believe it. Brilliant. Supportive. Informative. Knowledgable. Dedicated. Thanks Chris
— Kelly McAuley
Thanks again for another brilliant session Chris!! These last ten weeks have been challenging at times, but I can’t tell you how much more energy I have and overall how much better I feel!! Bring on the next ten!! :)
— Sophie Price
Marie and I just wanted to say a big thank you for the massive changes you helped us achieve during the Body Transformation Programme, which of course inspired us to continue to work with you since it ended so that we can be sure to keep up the good work.

Before we started on the BTP we both felt lethargic, bloated and were generally finding it difficult to motivate ourselves to take the exercise we knew we ought to. Although our nutrition was OK the changes you suggested have made an amazing difference.

Marie has lost 16lbs in weight and I have lost 24lbs, though in truth weight loss wasn’t a key driver but is of course a major benefit in our general wellbeing. The bloatedness has gone, the energy levels are up and in my case I am definitely stronger and able to do a lot more physical work without feeling tired or getting overheated. I even find myself able to do things that some of my much younger colleagues cannot - X box be ashamed.

In both cases our mobility is so much better and in particular Marie is finding that her back problems have eased and my shoulder is much stronger and the range of movement is significantly better. No need for more steroid injections.

Once again thank you and we are most definitely delighted that we made the investment and continue to work with you.
— Steve W